SAMSAR Training

TrainingTraining is a vital part of Search and Rescue. Both the rider and the horse/mule must be ready to tackle any given situation or terrain at a moment's notice.

SAMSAR has an on-going training program of medical and scenerio training:

SAMSAR provides Outdoor First Care, "advanced first aid training"; as well as access to professional healthcare CPR, assistance with the NIMS 100,138 and 700; in the field scenario training that covers tracking, line searches, GPS, radio, hands on medical and other Search and Rescue protocols. 

Additional sources for Search and Rescue training are available at the member's expense including various seminars, most are free or very inexpensive. There are also additional first respondent medical clinics thru local hospitals and fire departments.


Here are some of the basic training requirements necessary for field qualified SAMSAR members:

  1. Must have Outdoor First Care Class, modified edition.  (Advanced First Aid Certification)  We provide the course.
  2. Must have Professional Care Giver CPR.  We arrange for the class or you may already have. Must be Professional Care Giver.
  3. National Incident Management System (NIMS- 100 and 700) This is a Federal class. We’ll show you where to get it on your computer.
  4. Ham radio license. We can help with schools and locations.
  5. Field training, including tracking—we will train you in the field.
  6. Horse or mule must be solid, and completely spooked proof.  We can help. We do work with a lot of different equipment around us. The animal is half of your team.


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