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Southern Arizona Mounted Search and Rescue is an all-volunteer, non-profit mounted search and rescue unit serving the Pima County community. It is not for everyone but there are those few that enjoy the challenge and the thrill of helping others when they can't help themselves.



Commitment—That our members new and old participate in meetings, trainings and missions. Search and Rescue is often times rewarding, never convenient and at times potentially dangerous. SAMSAR, is looking for that unique individual who will satisfy the training objectives, be willing to engage, and carry themselves in a positive and professional manner

This activity requires a sizeable investment in a safe and reliable truck, trailer, mount, tack and equipment. It is also expected that all equipment be maintained and the animal be safe, healthy and sound. We are an all-volunteer Search and rescue unit, there are no wages and salaries, reimbursements are far and few between.

The accepted member will enjoy working with a great deal of knowledge and experience within the SAMSAR team. There is something special about providing a service to the community while in the saddle with a trusted mount. We will respond to a wide variety of missions, in various locations, and every one is different.

If you have the time and a solid horse or mule this can be a lot of fun for the both of you. We have worked very hard to be the exclusive Mounted Search and Rescue unit in Pima County. Because we are an invitation only organization, we go to great lengths to insure personalities match and that team unity remains in tact.

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